I had to post this picture, because it is so true.  I never thought of it that way… but a strong man loves me… and I accept it.

Recently, I’ve had a lot of health ups and downs.  And lately, I’ve been worn out and tired. The husbinator works a lot to afford us this amazing life that God has blessed us with.  And although there are moments of feeling overwhelmed and angry… I understand it now and accept that this is my life.  These are my circumstances and I need to focus on what is good about my life.

I have found that I have made some amazing friends through O’s school.  There are friends who “say” things like “yeah, call me whenever you need to talk or help with O.”  And their are those friends… who come over and really take care of you and your child.  The friends who offer your their bed to rest in while they entertain “YOUR” kid.  How amazing is this?  I’m blessed.

I haven’t been writing much lately because I’ve been feeling like I should keep things to myself… but when good things happen, I need to share.

I never realized how people you never expected will step up and really offer their helping hand with no expectations.  That is friendship.