Teach your kids love, patience, and kindness…

I can’t even put into words the magnitude of grief I feel for all those affected by this senseless act of violence. I won’t even probe on gun control at this time. I just want to express my deepest of sadness and condolences for those poor kids and staff who lost their lives to someone who was afflicted by mental illness. It does not even make sense to me why he had to go to the school to do more damage after he had already killed his mother. WHY???? WHY???? WHY???? The kids? They were merely 6 years old. What did they do?

While my mom and I sat in pure shock… she told me an old Korean adage. That “life without children is freedom from stresses and fear.” I told her, but a “life without children is a life without knowing love.” What’s worse? I can’t even fathom the grief the families must be going through because I am sitting here still in disbelief and tons of sadness. To know such pure love of innocent youth and to have that unconditional bond be so abruptly taken away is the worst form of punishment on earth. But to seek comfort, I hope they feel blessed to have known each of those pure souls for even those short six years.

I ache wondering if the children suffered. If it hurt. And I pray that they didn’t. I pray they didn’t have enough time to know fear or to feel pain. And I hope that all twenty children and seven adults closed their eyes and went to heaven immediately.

He did the cowardly thing taking his own life. I hope he is burning in hell and feeling the wrath of all those he affected. And yet, I wonder too… what torment did he go through in his lifetime that he so viciously and maliciously wanted to afflict the same grievous amount of hurt onto the world.

It’s crazy that in my last post, I prayed for a more evolved, positive world… and just a few short minutes later… this tragedy was on the news. I prayed to God that He would help me understand this. Why things like this happen, because right now, I still can’t seem to find a justification. Not for this one, not for the Wisconsin, Virginia, Columbine, movie theatre, mall or all the other mass shootings… I need to know why.

My friend, George Mitrospetros, wrote it best on his Facebook wall:

“There is no flag large enough apology big enough….no explanation of evil…to cover the shame of one killing innocent people ESPECIALLY our CHILDREN…… I am ashamed to be human…the most stupid senseless of all animals….”
I agree with him. It’s not the gun that hurts the person, it’s the human behind the gun. We definitely need some sort of mandate and policy on controlling the distribution of guns. It is way out-of-hand.

Sorry for all the errors, but I wrote this truly disturbed and in a state of utter disappointment at the world we live in.

It is true too, that the media needs to stop sensationalizing this situation. Because it is going to prompt the next idiot to do something worse to top this and become a household name. Remember the innocent people and their sacrifice. Not the killer.