My solo journey

I rode the bus… all by myself!!!

I got dropped off at work by my husband this morning because my office’s parking is horrific.  And I wanted to be a bit more adventurous and independent, so I decided I’d either walk all the way home or take the bus.  I was intimidated at first, because I haven’t ridden public transportation in LA in eons.  O’s been on the bus with my mom more times than I have.  I love that my mom does that with O… although after today’s ride… I’m not sure about the cleanliness of the bus or of some riders.  I have to say… some were definitely not smelling great.  I know this sounds so bitchy… but I’m OCD.  It didn’t help that I saw a man with a hospital admit bracelet on.  My hamster was going nuts thinking about all the communicable respiratory diseases he might be spreading to us.  Hah. I know, I’m crazy.

The best part of this trip came when a nice African American gentleman entered the bus with an armful of baggage.  A small child, a stroller, an OPEN basket of kid goodies, a Target bag, and a backpack.  Yep, I noticed everything.  Then the inevitable happened.  He dropped the insides of the basket.  I didn’t know if I should get the baby, get the fallen stroller, or pick up the goodies off of the floor.  So I sat in astonishment and watched as a nice guy came to the front of the bus to help.  I felt guilty for not helping afterwards.  I’m usually good about stuff like that too… thumbs down to me.

Anyways, after he gathered himself, he said… “man, I need to go home and hug my wife a few more times today. This is no joke.  All this stuff with a baby while riding the bus. Whew, I’ll never tell her how hard can it be.”  So I said, “try adding groceries to that.”  It was great to hear another man chime in and raise his arms in surrender and admit too that being a mom is a hard job.  The icing on the cake is when the other nice man said… “and man, it doesn’t end for them!!!”  Amen.

I love men that can admit these things. I appreciate these men.  They even went as far to say… it doesn’t even matter if you have a car or not… it’s still so damn hard.  These are real men!!!

Metro 20 Eastbound… you were a great experience in so many ways.