An Addiction

Facebook, I really missed you at the beginning…

One morning after dropping off O at school, I stared at my phone all morning and realized I was spending far too much time perusing other people’s lives on Facebook.  It made me think, “man, everyone else seems so happy.  What’s my problem?” Then later in the day, there was a parody about FB on some show saying, “Keeping It Real With Your Fake Friends.”  And I thought, “Omg, who on FB are really the people that make a difference in my life?”  That’s when I decided to deactivate my account.  More than not, most of the people on my account are people I never interact with or talk to anymore, so why divulge my life onto them? Do they care?  Are they smirking at me talking crap?  There were some friends I wasn’t that close to in highschool that actually have become great confidantes through it… but that’s really rare.

I missed FB at first.  The first few weeks were a bit challenging.  But now, I don’t have the urge to look anymore.  Of course during great O moments I want to shout it out to the FB world… but I don’t.  I do have my O’s Momma FB page… but it’s not the same.  I have 18 likes.  Ahahahahahaha.  But that’s ok, because it is another affirmation of who cares to be a part of my life and who doesn’t.

More and more as I get older… I know the difference between the  fake friends who are “keeping it real” and my true friends.  The real, true friends act and do… the fake just talk and say “yeah sure, I will support you” but never do.  Even with my run, no one other than my sister and Julie donated to my cause.

I know I didn’t solicit much, but I did put it out there and no one helped.  There will be a day when you or someone you know is suffering from a disease… and you will put yourself out there to help… and you will ask for support.  At that time, remember if you were that friend that turned the other cheek and kept scrolling down to see what your other friends were doing.  Or if you were the friend that took the time to stop and see if this cause was worth even a dollar.  I truly try to support my friends and kids in their fundraising goals, it’s important for me to show that I care and support them.  It’s the little gestures that count.