***(I do not take lightly if anyone has been attacked by a real life chimpanzee or any animal for that matter… )!

This is me… being attacked by my 3 year old!!! I thought she turned into a rabid animal for a short while!!! I feared for my life!!! 🙂

I took my daughter to get a professional haircut because she has a picture day coming up at school. I had been refraining as the first two experiences had been anything but joyful… memorable in the most horrific way, yes… joyful… no. NO. No. NOOOOOO!!! So I thought, well… she’s older now. She can do this. I can reason with her. Yes, she is 3.5… but I for sure thought I could reason with her. I thought… “Oh, I will take her to those cool places with airplane and space shuttle seats.” But nope.

When we got in there… she dug her little claws into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist as if the floor were on fire. Like she was a small cougar, climbing up a tree for safety. It was painful. It was embarrassing. It was a test of my patience. And it was just plain unenjoyable. But I did give myself a pat on the back for not losing my cool. Whew.

The crappiest part… her hair freaking turned out no better than when my mom or I gave her home cuts. So, minus $30 dollars, some skin off my arms, and my sanity… I still had to come home and cut her hair myself. Not only did her hair come out shorter than I (or she) wanted, it looked like she asked for Moe’s bang from Three Stooges. I’m excited for her Picture Day. NOT!