Told my BFF who has four kids to look like this when her hubby comes home

So my BFF, Suj, and I have been having random meltdowns for this and that.  And yes, to some, we may seem like spoiled little brats.  But we are not.  We are human.  Like you.  Like anyone else.

We have a texting love affair going on.  So, she’s the first person and last person I contact throughout the day.  Yes, it’s crazy.  But yes, we are addicted to each other and as my sister said… “we are making up for lost time.”

Well, Friday night during our texting session… she was having a colossal meltdown.  Just tired of the same ole dinner and bedtime routine.  (Let me tell you… that’s one of the most drawn out routines in my household as well).  Can you imagine what that is like having four different bedtime routines for four kids all under the age of 5?  So, she was going to make a clean break and get a breather.  Then… mission aborted.  Why?  Because her husband decided to do the “Oh but when you want to meet your friends, you get a burst of energy.”  Oh man… I’m doing the Shanaynay…”no, you di n’t” finger shake, hip tilt, with head roll.  Yep.  No he didn’t.

But it’s funny… I say the same thing to my husband.  He’s tired all the time after work.  And so, I find it ironic how every time he has a poker night or wants to hang with the boys… all of a sudden a second wind.  So maybe, I shouldn’t say it to him.  I know it didn’t feel good for my BFF when her husbinator said that to her, right?  Well, here’s the difference.  My husband and her husband (yes, they work hard!!!  Good God… I get it.  I give it up to him/them…they deserve a Nobel Prize for the Art of Working hard… Ok… I’m being facetious.  They do.  They work hard to afford us all a great life)… did not pop out four kids or even one for that matter out of their bodies.  Making a human being for ten months inside your belly wasn’t easy work.  Nope… not at all.  And even though, they are not physically in our bodies anymore… making a good, moral having human being on a daily basis is also hard work.

So men/partners, if the lady gets a second wind!!!!…. CONGRATULATE HER.  End of story.