Aging gracefully? Does that even exist?

Good Heavens. My body is going through some sort of chaotic, hormonal shift. I can’t sleep at night again. I’m breaking out… (mind you, even in puberty I didn’t have zits). My boobages are sore as if I were pregnant (and I’m not… just took a test). And I need obscene amounts of caffeine to get through the day and yet I can’t nap or sleep at night. Ugh, the irony.

You can see from the pic… the nice recovering zit on my chin. But because I’m a vain human being… I used Instagram to alter all the other blemishes. Sue me. I’m human. I’m insecure. I do not for the life of Doritos possess natural beauty as does Giselle B. That biatch. Haha.

Anyways… I’m reading a book called, “The Drama of the Gifted Child.” I highly recommend it for anyone who was once a child. Hahahahahaha. Or who was a child… but feels they were robbed of a childhood, if that makes sense.

By: Alice Miller. A short read… as all books some things are more pertinent than others. But a very insightful book