Maybe a Mommy Fashion No?

Oftentimes, I walk around LA and truly appreciate well put together moms, young girls, guys, babies… etc. When I see not-so-put together people I think, “man, they still spent money on that… why didn’t they just put it together better?” I’m no stylist. And I’m sure my style is somewhat unappreciated at times by some… namely my husb, sis, and O… Ahahahaha. But I truly believe in trying to look remotely presentable when I go out… because like my momma taught me… “you never know who you are going to run into.” This won’t be a deep talk by incorporating notions like… “well, people should love me as is… blah blah.” Because yes, they should. But no, they don’t. We are creatures that like pretty things. Our eyes gravitate towards lovely and away from ugly. Sad, but true. (I’m not saying anyone is ugly for wearing leggings, a crop top, running shoes with long socks, and a muffin top).

I love putting my BFF in new things. I co-pilot her life. But she’s like my doll. She’s always skeptical and hesitant when I tell her to buy, get, or try something new. But typically, she loves it at the end. My sister? She’s a hard nut to crack, so I just show her what would look good on her… and then, I sit and daydream of the day that she changes things up and I envision her in what I think would look phenomenal on her.

Cheap Thrills… I love little trinkets that look happy.

I think where most people go wrong… (no gender distinction)… is when they always purchase stuff for comfort. Like “oooooh, this T-shirt with a teddy bear with touchable fur looks so cute and comfy.” Like, WHAT???? No one needs a chia pet shooting out of their shirt if you aren’t age 3 and under.

You can be comfortable and fashionable. Like Splendid style. Any size. My beautiful girlfriend, Crissy, is amazing at dressing her voluptuous body. Her style is fierce. My sis inlaw is great at dressing her size 0 body. Her style so refined, eclectic, and well-put-together in a not-at-all stuffy way. That’s how it should be. My style is all over the place. But I love accessories. It just helps a plain outfit out. Lately, I love the funky nail craze… and it doesn’t hurt to try it… but I did regret getting gel with such craziness… because I got sick of it a day or so after 😦 .

YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL RUN INTO OR MEET. OR IF SOMEONE IS TAKING A PICTURE OF AND POSTING IT ON THE INTERNET… (that poor Sikh girl… loved her rebuttal btw). My husband actually dresses on point daily unless he’s in his scrubs. I have my shitty mornings when I’m just trying to get O to school on time… but still will put on my “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING RED LIPS… AND STUNNER SHADES.” This is in part vanity… and in part, from saving your eyes. ahahahahahaha.

Anyways, the point of this blog (take the hint sister…)… is you never know what the day will bring. Look your best, to feel your best. We ended up on EXTRA… the day we were stinky and re-modeling O’s room… go figure right???