So my sister and I did the most random thing on Thursday… we were the dorky audience people on the show “Extra.”  The producer stopped us and asked us to be on the show.  The irony.  We looked like crap because we had just run errands early in the morning at Target after dropping O off at school.  But guess what?  We got a watch.  Hahaha.  It’s worth $1200.  Crazy, right?  Those kinds of things rarely if ever happen to us.  My sister is proof… she’s still waiting to win the lotto.  Haha.

Last night, we had a fun MNO at the Roof Garden at the Peninsula.  We had great conversation, lots of laughs, and decent, overpriced food.  The drinks were great though.  My girlfriend, Allison, invited me to The Fonda to watch The Killers perform.  It was great.  We went for a short time to the private party and enjoyed the cool night.  The grassy area on the roof of The Fonda was awesome.  For sure one day, I will have a party or something there.