Live and let live…

Doesn’t it seem like some days, weeks, or months are full of “Three’s Company” type misunderstandings?  Those episodes were full of chaos from one person hearing something from another and not getting the full story till the end of the episode?  Yes, those types of shows drive me crazy and yet… I still watch those train wrecks of shows.

Just yesterday, I got an email from an acquaintance who was like… “I heard this and that from a co-worker so you could get a discount on shoes.”  I was offended to say the least.  Why?  Because the courteous thing would have been… “Hi, I heard this and was wondering if there is some truth or validity to what I had heard.”  Rather than… “you understand that that won’t happen again.”  As if I’m some kid being scorned and admonished for a wrongdoing by a parent.  The sadder part was that… that really wasn’t how things played out and I used to really like this person. What was a joke between her non-humor having coworker was misconstrued by probably a passerby.  In no way was I trying to get anyone in trouble.  And really, I always ask for a discount because I know retailers will give you coupon codes.

That was just one misunderstanding that could have been averted and dealt with in a more rational manner.  But lately, I just feel hypervigilant.  Like… don’t mess with me.  Just not in the mood.  There’s so much of nothing going on in my life… that I’d like to just maintain a sense of normalcy without people creating issues where there really aren’t.  Do you know what I mean?

So, I’d like to focus on the people who make me look forward to tomorrow.  I’d like to kindly ask the people trying to wreak havoc in my life to back the bleepcicles off.  Maybe it’s my karmic energy right now… but to all who are not bringing anything positive in my life… hears what O loves to say… Peace out.

But on a side note… O still doesn’t like to eat.  We went to get food before her “Back to School Night.”  She barely ate.  So I saved her food.  As we were walking back, there was a homeless man sitting at the exit.  But for whatever reason, I wanted to save it for someone else.  I know it sounds mean… but it wasn’t.  So after her shindig at school, I was driving back home and on the La Brea and Wilshire corner… there was a young kid.  He definitely didn’t look like he was starving, but he had a sign…”Hungry.”  And that’s when I knew who to give the food to.  After I gave him the food… I loved what I saw after … the next three cars behind me… all gave him a little something.  Why him?  I don’t know.  It just felt right.  And if I in any way helped trigger the others to help him out… I give glory to God for helping me do it.  It gave me a great opportunity to tell O how blessed she was to have food to eat and a home to go to.  That’s when I say… Thank you God for giving me the opportunity to show what is right to O.