Thanks friends…

It was the BFFs birthday this past week.  We had a lowkey lunch and just spent a few hours together.  She’s like that… no fuss.  Didn’t want to make a big deal out of her day.  So I respected that.  It was hard, but I did.  Hehe.  I love that about her though.  She is absolutely so content without the frills.

My sis and I were watching “Nick & Vanessa’s Wedding,” the other night because I needed to clean out our DVR (yes, I had it recorded for years now… they had a baby recently right?).  It was chessy… especially at the end when she was pretending to throw the cake in Nick’s face.  You could tell she was probably plastered.  But I felt for her.  Her mom abandoned her when she was 8 years old.  So sad.  You could just sense the need in her to fill that void.  But the sad thing is… I don’t think ANYONE could ever fill that void.  No friend, no husband, no pseudo-mom.  That’s just how important a parent is to a child.

Her love for her BFF seemed amazing though.  And at that point, I thought… “how lucky am I to have Julie?”  I know I talk about her all the time.  But really, my sis can attest to it… we are the real deal.  We fight (yes, even on the way to lunch we got into an “agree to disagree moment”).  We love.  We support.  It’s crazy.  I feel truly blessed that I can say I am a good friend to her and her to me.  It takes sacrifice to not always put yourself first, to see things from the other person’s perspective, and to let each other be.  I don’t ever wonder where I fit into her life or how she fits into mine… because somehow or another… we just fit.  Ironically, it’s a bit harder for me to do with the husbinator.  ahahahahaha.  But regardless… those moments when I’m with the people that love me unconditionally remind me for even a split second that … Life is really good.