There are only four people I know I can say are my soulmates… My sis, Julie, Lou, and Suj. They just get me. Love me unconditionally with the same gross humor I have.


So lunch date with the husb didn’t quite work out.  I started getting lazy waiting for him to tell me where and what time.  I think I needed a nap more than anything because I haven’t been sleeping well again.  It didn’t matter anyways, because when he did text me to tell me “You are a flake.”  Hahaha.  He mentioned he invited a friend to join us.  I like the friend… but I just wanted it to be us two.  It’s ok though.  I needed the nap just as much as I needed the date.  I was still super cranky when I woke up.  I don’t think I was very pleasant to O during our date at the Grove.  I was uber snappy.  I felt bad.  She asked me, “Momma, are you happy?”  I told her, “Boo, I’m just cranky because I’m tired.  You know, just like when you need a nap?  That’s how I feel right now.”  It was sad.  I tried to snap myself out of it, but I was just on high-RED alert status with my irritation.  I know I shouldn’t snap at her… but multiple spilled drinks, nagging, and whining from a kid…when that’s all you want to do too was a bit too much for me today in particular.  Didn’t help that her dad had another night out for a meeting  and wasn’t there to take on some of the load.  And again, he won’t be back tonight until Sat.  Yep, that’s my life.  Glamorous right?

I told Husb the other day… I’ve been in the non-glass-slipper-having-Cinderella mode for awhile now.  I think I’m going to go on strike.  Yes, the folding of the laundry, picking up clothes off the floor, grocery shopping, making the beds, vacuuming,  and doing dishes daily… is soooooooooooooooo fun, but man, even Cinderella got to feel like a princess until 12am!!!!!  And then forever turned into a Princess.  Mine… I was a princess on 11/11/06… then I think afterwards… the shoe didn’t fit anymore.  Ahahahahahahaha.  Just kidding.  I do have a great life.  But I think I’m just burnt out from this whole stuck feeling of everything being stuck in the “Pending File.”  I really need to get things checked off and start moving forward as a family.

Sometimes, do you guys just feel like that?  Stuck?  Like what’s next?  Is this it?

I often wonder too… do you men/women alike… ask your partner if you look nice, fat, skinny?  My husband isn’t very vocal about that kind of stuff.  He’s better… but that’s definitely not something I think he or his family was accustomed to before I came into their family.  So when he does say I look nice or something to that effect… I know it must be a good day.  Ahahahaha.  But yes, I do wish he were more generous with the niceties.  Afterall, it doesn’t cost anything for him to say it right?