Let’s start moving forward…


I feel like my life is stuck in the “Pending” file.  No closure to anything.  Just a lot of unanswered mail.  A constant… when this or that happens.  We haven’t moved in the six years of marriage when at first it seemed imminent.  Even with a kid and cramped living spaces… we seem to be stuck here.  We haven’t done anything new in quite some time.  Just a lot of planning with no real outcome.  Pending… baby.  Pending… home.  Pending… everything.  Or it seems.  I hate that.

I’m a doer.  I get sh!t done.  My husband is a planner.  He draws things out to the knitty gritty.  I guess it’s good and bad.  I’m learning a great deal of patience through this but some times… someone has got to pull the trigger.  I think this is where a bit of our clashings take place because I need results… and he does too… but his just takes a great deal longer.

It’s funny though… I realize as a stay-at-home mom… I learned it is not easy to adjust to not having a great deal of financial freedom.  It’s weird because I use to make my own money… nothing to brag about… but a decent earning.  And so to have to sit idle on things that require financial backing has been hard, humbling, and really frustrating.  Today was one of those days I felt it a lot.

I’m stuck I feel in a rock and a hard place, because I don’t know if I’m so far gone into the business to turn back around… or it’s a good time to just throw in the towel.  Is it time to  tap out?