Don’t take care of your teeth… you will for sure need my husband’s office

So the Husbinator and his business partner, Dr. David Li, had a brilliant idea to make a specialty office (apart from their two Synergy Endodontics locations in Palmdale and Palm Desert, respectively) where people can free themselves from teeth-related pain all in one stop. For me, having to go from one doctor to another, praying that I can be seen within the same day to alleviate my distress is just agony. Truthfully, the possibility of not being able to get fixed STAT is worse than the pain itself. I think teeth-related pain is one of the worst types of pain imaginable. Why? Because you can’t eat!!!! That’s my favorite past-time!!! Haha.

This is not just an advertising gimmick (well, ok a little, teeny-weenie bit!!!)… but I’m proud of this venture between my husb, Dr. Li, and the other very talented Drs. coming into the practice. They built a multi-skills facility which incorporates an Oral Surgeon, an Oral Medicine Dr., a Periodontist… and of course the greatest Endodontists in the entire universe. I think Dr. Lim is the best. Don’t be fooled by the last name. No relations. Ahahahahaha. Jk. (Ok so, he’s my husband…) He is amazing though. He’s worked on my teeth and was the consummate professional. He didn’t even make a move on me 😉 .

I think as a partner, wife, friend… it’s important to support whatever your loved ones are doing. Their success is inevitably your success. It’s been a long, arduous process for these two guys to start this with all the headaches that come from starting a new business from the ground up. But through their tenacity and hard work… The Ivy Institute is finally here.

Maybe they will make a Chris’ Friends Coupon for you. Hahaha. So, if you ever need dental work… go and check them out.

Look… another happy customer!!!

The Ivy Institute: Dental Specialists and Pain Management

301 Huntington Dr. Suite 520

Aracadia, CA 91007