So when O was born, we didn’t find out her gender. But I knew without a doubt she would be a “she.”

When I started decorating her nursery, we had to do neutral colors. So I picked green with monkeys… Because I love cute monkeys & cows.

Anyways, 3.5 years later… I finally decided to change up her room & get rid of the monkey decals. I’m not a decorator. And really, I don’t care about how our place in LA looks because I never invested myself here. This was my husbinators bachelor pad & as such I always felt it was more of a temporary pit stop for us. As it turns out… I’ve been here nearly six years, so we may be here a bit longer. Anyways, since our imminent move doesn’t seem so imminent anymore… I’m starting a beautification process in small steps.

O’s room is my focus. Just changing the bedding & wall decals helped change the vibe. And Os excitement was sooooooo worth all the work. Thank you sister for helping with everything as usual.