Just keep swimming

I am constantly feeling like I’m trying to catch up with the rest of the world and all the things that my immediate family requires of me… and I myself. Getting over being sick for nearly five days didn’t help the cause as there are mound fulls of unpaid bills, old bills to be copied and faxed to the husbinator, schools to be researched, and kid to be picked up.  It’s a lot.  I don’t know how other women with multiple kids, work, and a life do it.  (Suj… you are a beast).

As if that’s not enough, isn’t it crazy how something in your household just goes nuts when you already have a crap load of stuff to do on your plate?  This week, not only did our drink fridge schiz out… my air conditioning unit fell apart and we had a major rooftop leak in the wee hours of the night.  So that compounded with the many nights of broken sleep… I am finding myself a wee bit irritable and just taxed out…. maxed out.

We also went to a potential school yesterday for Os pre-K to 6th grade.  It’s an amazing school.  I would send my daughter and any future child there… and hopefully their legacy… but good Lord… it is going to cost an arm and possibly my liver to send her there.  So I have to weigh the pro’s and con’s of city living.  I’m very close to just holding up my white-flag and running to the hills… no, not the Hollywood Hills… more like the desert hills of the oh-so-hot-burbs.  God save me.  Please let me win the lotto.  Here’s the thing… I’d still try to send her to this school because I so believe in their education philosophy as does my husband… even if it means driving from the valley to LA.  So, I’m praying about it to really think what’s in our family’s best interest.

The funny thing was… I posted my thoughts on FB and a friend replied…”No Money Making Stay At Home Mom huh??? LOL Hmmmmm… what would LAUSD say if they saw your arm candy??? LOL”  I didn’t get it.  Just because once in awhile my husband makes me feel like a princess doesn’t mean I can afford to pay $50-60K/year/child for the next 18 years.  $5000 extra a month… that’s a mortgage to a nice home even in LA.  At first, I felt embarrassed because I felt she had a point.  But the more I thought about it, I felt like I needed to explain myself to her.  And then, I hated myself for explaining myself to her because really what people perceive from the outside is really just that… their perception.  Little do they know, in order to send my daughter to a good quality school in LA… I would have to forego being an active part of her daily life… because yes, I would have to work… that means, I would have to have someone else pick her up and go participate at her school in my place.  That’s hard for me.  So, I know most of you are thinking “then don’t send her or move out of LA,” and yes… those are things I’m pondering as well.  Or to just send her to any other school, but my husband and I both having been educators in the past, we totally recognize the importance of a sound foundation in the formative years.

I love city living… but once you have a child… and are still planning to have more… the education system is a key component as to staying or leaving.  At least it is for me.  And yes, we can send her… I’m just practical in the sense that when I was growing up… public schools were amazing.  Anyways, I have a few days to decide.  Wish me luck.  Give me your thoughts on what YOU would do.