That’s O with her friend, Cass, at the Grove. So little still… but everyday these two little creatures grow in leaps and bounds.

Time waits for no one, I hear. It’s crazy lately because I keep saying “tomorrow, tomorrow… I will do this or start this.” And for the most part I do, but I haven’t seen anything through. I’m so lazy. But what if tomorrow never comes just like the title of the book? It’s scary to think about your own mortality. But when I see young people (30s-50s) dying suddenly from heart attacks and such… it scares me. Michael Clark Duncan being the latest victim of heart failure. I wonder what we are doing wrong to our bodies. No, I know. Just in denial.

Cute place… I wish I could live there. Haha

My girlfriend, Kim, and I had dinner last night at Caffe Concerto in Koreatown. A very cute, quaint place… almost a bit out of place… hahaahaha. They have good food, wines, and desserts. Well anyways, she asked me the same question… do you think our bad habits can be remedied if we stop now (referrring to her friend that continues to smoke). I’d like to think positively and say “yes, of course.” But in reality, I don’t know if the torment we caused on our bodies in our late teens and twenties can be reversed especially seeing how so many people I know have had friends and family leaving this earth way too soon. These are such morbid thoughts. Yes, I know. But I think when you have an offspring, your natural inclination is to want to live a long time to be able to be by their side for as long as possible.

That’s why more so than ever, I don’t want to miss out on seeing my friends and having great conversations. Friendships are work like anything else. The want to maintain any relationship has to be reciprocated by both parties. I feel blessed that my girlfriends are so willing to drive hours back and forth to come see me, because I know distance can sometimes come between friendships.

I’m happy my husband started exercising and trying to be more active because I was really worried about his sedentary lifestyle. His family has a history with DM (Diabetes Mellitus), so it’s all the more important for me to show O it is a necessity to be healthy and fit. I need motivation. A workout partner. Was super stoked when Kim offered to run with me for my marathon. Little gestures like these are what make you realize you aren’t alone.