Love this pic of my daughter… I look freakish… but this is how I want her to be all the time.

This picture was taken during breakfast at Nosh’s (I think that’s the name… funny, I see it all the time but now I can’t remember the name for the love of Cheese Whiz) on Little Santa Monica & Roxbury. We were waiting for my sister to meet us after her doctor’s appointment and she caught this shot of us when she got there. Isn’t it such a great shot? I loved the candidness of it. I hope and pray she’s full of laughter, positivity, and humility always. This is how I want her to be, feel, and live.

She may be “bratty” sometimes… but these are the highs I live for…

Kisses with O goes from me to her a lot. Her dad and I shower her with affection and confirmation of our love for her. I feel it’s instrumental in building a confident, self-assured human being. But this little girl is actually very controlled with her kisses. So when she gives me kisses, hugs, or a tender touch… I melt. I feign like a crack junkie for more. But she gives it in small doses. UGH!!! The supply is so little compared to the demand. I swear, she knows what she’s doing or something. Hahahaha. At night, when we lay in bed together and she gently strokes my face… it’s soooooo engulfing. I feel like the roles reverse and she’s the caretaker and I’m the small child yearning for that connection and love. She fills me… but seriously, in painfully small doses… at least that’s how I feel because I can’t get enough of her touch. Is that weird?

Giggles and Hugs on Disco Friday with her friend, Maya.

We took her to Skirball to visit the Noah’s Ark exhibit. I can’t say she enjoyed the exhibit much… but she did love the prism thing with water and the music show. It showed rainbows and was a great reminder for her because just the day before (Thursday) she saw her first true rainbow in the sky. I really think she was a fish in her previous life. That kid has no fear of the water.

Afterwards, we went to Giggles and Hugs. They have a great guy, Disco Joe, on Friday nights and stay open until 9pm (mind you, we were there the night before as well). She saw her friend from school, Maya, there so it was great watching them play together. It’s amazing for me to watch her break out of her shell and tell me, “momma, you don’t need to come in… I can play on my own.” Music to my ears.

Maya is just an amazingly, fun-spirited, and independent little 4.5year old girl. I was sad to hear she’s leaving for Turkey for 3 months to be with her mother (divorced). I did notice how attached she was to me… and realized she must miss that connection with a mom-figure. It made me a little sad. A little protective. I hope she continues to thrive and be well-rounded as she is now.