Water fun… she had more fun in this fountain thing than the pool… and the beach!!!

On Thursday, my girlfriend (Jesse) and I took O to Annenberg Beach House.  I loved it there.  Guess why?  Yep, they had clean bathrooms and a showering area… not to mention a Cafe right next to the pool area.  So, I had food, friends, fun, and sun all at my fingertips.  It was such a chill, relaxing day. No itinerary. No fuss.  Just fun.

I needed this day in the sun like nothing else… it was such a great relaxing day!!!

As I am getting older, I realize those are the precious moments in life.  Those are what get you over the humps and hurdles life throws at you unexpectedly and lately quite frequently.  I don’t want to deal with negativity in my life whether it’s from focusing on my own shortcomings or that of others.  It’s been a crazy few weeks in terms of me understanding that I don’t have to carry other people’s issues on my shoulders or internalize it.  I use to feel like I had to make everyone better and try to make them happy… but it was making me miserable.

I told my husband just yesterday (Sunday) that it’s time I start focusing on my family life with him, O, and me for a change.  And that is huge because I’ve never been able to do that in fear of being looked at as being selfish or uncaring.

Sand was so hot… but felt so good.

I love this picture of me of my feet in the sun.  I think we all should do this here and there just to feel the greatness of the earth around us.  I feel like we (humans) are really tormenting the fragility of the earth by doing too much to it.  It’s like we are the organs in Earth’s body and just going haywire… and eventually Earth is not going to be able to withstand all the torment.  I even asked my sis, “do you think the earth will just blow up one day from all the crap we are doing to it?”  Her, a woman of few expressions:  “Shut up. No.”  But I really feel like Earth is telling us: “Stop messing with me.”

We, here in California, have been having tons of seismic activity.  Just last night (3:26am 9/3/2012) we had a very small, but intense earthquake in Beverly Hills.  It felt big because it was close to the surface… and I for sure thought it was going to be the BIG ONE. So people, let’s really stop abusing all our natural resources!!! Be gentle… make small efforts to be kind to the Earth.  Seriously.  For our kids sake.

Love this pic…

I’ve had such a fun week with O.  Most of the days, it was just she and I.  I swear, this kid behaves so well when it’s just the two of us (and with daddy when he’s not at work)… but when Elmo, Auntie’s (who love her like their own), or Grandma’s are around, she becomes a bit sassy, a bit more needy, and a tad bratty.  My girlfriend (no kids, blunt, foodie, sommelier) was like “she’s cute, but yes, a bit bratty.”  I loved her candidness. No one really says that, you know?  So I appreciated that she was able to say how it is.  And so, I was able to tell O…”Look, it’s not okay to act like that.  Other people don’t like it.”  She gets it now, but I don’t think it’s going to change overnight.

I feel so blessed to have so many people love her and treat her so kindly.  She abuses them… but they still love her and when I see the unconditional love she receives I feel so blessed.

Thank you Elmo, Auntie Jesse, Auntie Julie, and family for loving her and loving me.  When I see you guys interact with her and love her… it reminds me that people are innately good.