Is a phone an ADDICTION?

My husband and I have been getting into frequent “discussions” regarding his dislike of what I refer to as an “attachment” and what he refers to as an “addiction” to my phone.  He actually curses the day I got a smart phone.  Hahaha.  He says he sees me on it all the time.  One morning this week at 7:45am… I was texting an old nanny of O’s who wanted to visit.  I had to tell her not to come because O was going to a doctor’s appointment.  His response was… “you can’t come and say hello in the morning, but you can be on your phone?”  Me:  “why are you annoying me?  You are such a nag!!!”  Ahahahahaaha.  I’m sure it could’ve escalated into a heated argument but we are refraining from getting into emotional conversations in front of O.

Later in the evening, we discussed this “addiction/attachment” debate again.  I get it.  But I told him, “it’s no different than you reading a magazine during dinner, watching sports when you get home, or vegging out watching YouTube videos.  I don’t watch TV.  I read on my Nook/phone.  I read my emails.  I write my blog occasionally on my phone.  I play games. I read pertinent life altering news on US Weekly Magazine & E! Online.  (ahahahahahaha). It’s my veg out device.”  But I do understand him.  I just wanted him to see he did it too in other ways. 😉

Funny thing is now he’s got his pint-sized Daddy-doting-daughter saying the same thing to me because she overheard our brief “discussion” in the morning.  O:  “momma, you are on the phone in the morning and night!!!”  Ouch.  Sword straight through the aorta.  Bleeding out profusely of guilt.  HELP!  HELP!

Ugh.  He got me.  He somehow inadvertently got to use my main source of weakness to hit me below the belt.  So now, I’m like a secret crack addict hiding in small corners, in O’s princess tent, and under the blanket to not show them I’m on my phone.  Ahahahahaha.  But, I’m really not on it all the time.  I don’t use it during my time with O or if I’m out and around other people.  I do, however, have it glued to me while I’m out WITHOUT O and when she is at school.

I guess I can admit that I do have an addiction related to boredom for FB.  When I have nothing to do, I just go on.  So now, I am going to have to clean my house all day long or exercise every minute of the day.  NOT.

Do you have an addiction to your phone?  I guess, I can empathize with my husband because when my sister comes over and I see her glued to the phone… my immediate response is:  “dude, did you come over to mess around on your phone or hang out with O and me?”  Hahahahaha.

Tell me what you spend your time doing the most that you probably could use to cut out!