At the Light Exhibit… finally!!!

We, finally, made it to the Lights exhibit!!! It is definitely prettier at night, but nonetheless, O enjoyed it. It’s like a fun little maze. We loved LACMA. The weather was nice and sunny with a cool breeze here and there. Tons of shaded areas to sit, snack, and then look around. I was disappointed by the James Bond exhibit as there was not much to see. O loved the noodle/Rapunzel hair looking exhibit the most. It was nice coming to a place other than the mall. Ray Stark’s restaurant was just ok. Nothing to report home about. Food was mediocre but the vibe of the restaurant was fun. I loved the red seats. And I liked how each building had ample, clean restrooms and snack shops. Haha.

Free Admission for Adult with each NexGen kid!!!

The best, unexpected perk of LACMA was that O and I both got in FREE!!!! Parking across the street was $10, but worth it since we didn’t have to pay admissions. If you sign your kid up with the NexGen program, they get in free until they are 18years old and you get free admissions as well since they need a chaperone. (Or something like that… from what I was informed). The thing is, no one asked me for my ticket anyways. And even when my sister came to meet up with us, she wasn’t asked for a ticket. Random.

Convenient was able to show O some Korean artifacts and then go to the Boone Children’s Center for some Arts & Crafts

I was told by the uber friendly staff that there was a kid’s craft area in the Hammer Building. So I ventured there and saw that the Korean/Chinese Art Collection was in the same building as the Boone’s Children’s Gallery. So, O and I took a quick stroll around. I tried to explain to her that this was our culture. That we are Korean. She didn’t get it. She said, “But Momma, I’m from California.” Ahahahahaahaha. I really need to help her understand what it means to be a Korean-American.

My Masterpiece. Then O scribbled all over it afterwards… 😦

Anyways, we had a great time. We spent nearly 5 hours there and the little girl didn’t want to leave. That’s my masterpiece I made at the Boone’s Gallery. Looks better than it really is because I bedazzled it using InstaGram. They are doing Asian style artwork right now, so it was fun doing water paintings.

Our next adventure will be to either Zimmer Museum or Annenburg Beach House for some more fun. I almost don’t want to send her to school because I have so many things I want to do with her. I’m having a very intense love affair with her at the present moment. I can’t get enough. Ironically though, every time my sister or mom comes around … she gets possessed by the Sassy Spirit and starts acting a fool. My sis says it’s because she feels like she has back-up. Haha.