Great place for kid’s to expend energy… Romp-LA

I’ve been wanting to come for a free day of play to Romp-LA ever since we had O’s birthday party here earlier in the year.  I love this place.  It’s clean and spacious.  I know it’s clean because I watched them clean out the ball pit … ball by ball through some machine.  My family and I are super anal about cleanliness, so this place rocks.  I can’t say the same for UNDER THE SEA near the Beverly Center.  It just looks and feels unkempt.

O is on break from school for a week, so I planned my week with her.  There may be a setback because she started having the sniffles today.  Today, my girlfriend and I took O and her daughter to Romp so they could wear themselves out before nap time.  They had such a great time.  I love that I can sit back and watch her play now that she is bigger and better able to socialize with other kids.  It’s such progress compared to even a year before when she would be stuck to me like glue.  I can actually appreciate playdates where I am able to converse with other moms and relax a bit.

Other moms in my mommy groups are always asking about Romp and other play places… they are hesitant to go to Romp because it’s $15/day… but I’d pay that in a heartbeat because it is so clean and the staff is amazing.  Not only that… the $15 pays for the entire day.  So if you need to leave to have your child nap, it’s ok.  You can go back later and play again.  Awesomeness.  Just don’t forget your socks ADULTS.  Children’s socks are optional… but adults are mandatory.

The lovely lady who runs the place, Renee, is awesome because she is super chill and sweet. Book your parties there… it’s awesome.  WiFi is also available there too.