I haven’t been able to keep the blog up that well recently after being sick. O is on a week summer vacation this week so I have a lot in store for her from trips to Romp, Zimmer, LACMA, and maybe even Annenberg.

So I’ve been good about trying to maintain 30mins of working out since last Thursday… but Sunday, I donated blood through Cedar Sinai’s Mobile Blood Donation and couldn’t do anything strenuous. I get super sick afterwards and lightheaded but I really think the benefits of it outweighs me feeling hungover/nauseated. I’m O+ blood type so I think it’s even all the more important. Plus, they give you such amazing cookies and goodies. Hahahahah. I even got two free tickets to the Galaxy game on Sunday… so husb took his friend, Andy.

Well, today is Monday… and I weighed 2.5lbs more than I did on Saturday morning. Weekends are so hard for me to be good about what I eat. Boiling Crab, here in Ktown, didn’t help my cause at all because the food was obscene and sinful in that everything and anything was slathered in butter. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but my arteries were cursing me afterwards. So, when O goes to take her nap… I will be working out as I promised myself. I hope by the 22nd of Sept… I better be toner and more fit.

Then, my BFF and I hung out on Sunday. We love to eat and shop together so that didn’t help OPERATION GET FIT at all. Then at night, we had friends over for more gluttonous fun. Food really is my weakness. I’m too unconditional with it. Ahahahahahaha.

Love this place…Romp-LA

I was inspired today (Monday) when I went to Romp-LA and saw a three year old little boy eating the healthiest of foods… hummus w/pretzel sticks, cucumbers, quinoa, spinach. I was flabbergasted as my girlfriend and I stuffed our faces with tempura, scallop sushi, tonkatsu… ugh. What is wrong with me? I need to really get this eating in check. I’m thankful though that O is starting to eat better. She has the sniffles again, but I’m hoping her appetite doesn’t go away like the last time she was sick.

Motherhood is tough… being a nurse and a mother is even harder… because any time she gets sick…my hamster goes into panic mode and I start thinking crazy things. Anyways, we had a great lowkey weekend. We hadn’t had one of those in a long time.