Starting my workouts… I swear I will succeed this time!!!

Okay… so that’s not the best picture of me. I’m barely waking up from my self-induced coma yesterday (August 23…)… it was brutal. I, literally, had to stay in bed all day. I was seriously an invalid for most of day. I felt so bad for O but luckily Husb came home and so did my MIL.

When I finally was able to get out of bed to feed my brood, we had the TV on and it said that a family, in like Scandinavia or some place, had the longest living sibling history. They said they had a diet rich in vegetables and walked a lot. So as my husband and I were eating some fatty pork bacon and other delicious Korean food… we just kind of stared at each other like “this just isn’t right.” Haha. So I said, “you should walk more.” Ahahahahahaha. Not me… but you. So then, Husb suggested we go for a walk after dinner. I really didn’t want to because I was just starting to feel better. Very reluctantly, I did… and I did feel better.

I thought it was counterproductive of him to go on a walk, then buy an ice cream to eat with O. He says he was sacrificing for O. I said, “dude, $1.69 is not worth it.” Ahahahahahaha. Yes, good ole Rite Aid ice cream. But he ate it anyways. It was like one time when I was pregnant, we went on a walk. He goes into a 7-11 to buy a drink and comes out with a donut. Really? So of course, my snide ass has to say, “I guess you are going to eat that 1000 calorie donut after probably burning 60 calories…” Ahahahahaha. I felt so bad afterwards, because his sweets-loving face looked like a disappointed little kid who was just scorned by his momma. I vowed not to rain on his parade ever again after that… but I feel like his sweet tooth needs to be extinguished sometimes. Hahahahaah. Poor guy.

So anyways, I decided to start my workouts again. I used to workout all the time. Then when I had O … I just stopped. The pic, at the top, is not me showing my guns. That’s for sure. It’s me showing that as I’m aging… my ARMS are even getting fatter. I never had a problem with my arms!!!!!!!! So, with the back fat and now the flabby arms…I’ve decided with a vengeance that it’s time for me to get healthier. I stink right now from my whopping 30 minutes of cardio. I’m going to dedicate 30minutes/day. It sounds like nothing… but it’s better than nothing. Got it?

So today (August 23)… will be the beginning. By September 22… I want to be fitter. I don’t care about the scale. I just want to be toner and have more energy.