This little girl changes my life daily…

Lately, as I interact with my daughter… I feel like I’m falling in love with her all over again.  I can’t kiss her enough.  I can’t hug her enough.  I can’t tease her enough.  I can’t enough her enough.  It’s sooooo magical.  Yes, very cliche to talk about being so enamored with your child, but I am.  She just feels so lovely.

I love watching her as she talks to herself, acts out her day, dances, sings, scolds me… yes, she scolds me.  Last night, she said… “Am I making sense to you? Peace out.”  Ahahahahaha.  I was texting my gf, Suj, and told her…”I think I shouldn’t talk to her too much anymore.”  She’s picking up all the slang jargon… not always a good thing.  But it is hilarious.

I love her little tush.  I love the sashay of her tush when she takes her little steps.  Ugh, so lovely.

With all this love, I have baby on the brain.  I get it now why people continue to have baby after baby.  (Well, some just do it because they think it’s the natural progression within their family dynamic).  But for me, I NEED to share all this love I have for O with someone else.  Does that make sense?  It’s like I’m overflowing with love for her that there is definitely enough to share with another little human being.  I see it in her dad’s eyes when he looks at her too.  He just can’t stop telling her, “I love you so much.”  It is very pure.  The love between them two, it’s really different because those two are the two most innocent human beings I know.  He’s become a completely different human being because of her.

The stork didn’t bless us this month… but I’m hopeful and praying there is a baby out there waiting to “get into my belly.”