Smart Man = Sexy at Any Age

I wasn’t going to write today because I am just starting to feel a sense of normalcy again after a hectic few weeks and just wanted to not write anymore.  Really.  It felt like I was out of things to write about.  I’ve been hiding in my internal vault emotionally and mentally, but physically… I have been better about not shutting people out.  Normally, if I was feeling overwhelmed and burdened I would just close off from the entire world.  Growing pains.  It’s a difficult transition.  I wonder when you actually really start to feel like an adult?  Because I still feel like a small child pretending to be an adult.

Having a sick kid with unknown origin as to why they are sick was very disconcerting.  As a mom, you want to do everything in your power to make the “ouch” go away but you can’t. It sucks. O being sick compounded with this heat made me just not want to do anything… but marathon watch old Korean dramas.  Haha.  Note to self:  Don’t start any more Korean dramas.  They will suck you in and make you an invalid for the duration of the show!!!!

Anyhow, I saw this on my friend’s FB wall and thought it was a poignant message as to how I aim to live my life.  I’m working on the “I expect nothing and accept everything.”  I am innately a very judgmental person and very skeptical about people’s true intentions because I so have been frequently judged for no other reason than “you look like a b!tch!!!”  Live and let live.