I read a daily devotional from Joyce Meyer’s book, “The Confident Woman Devotional.”  It talked about “unbalanced dependence” and the difference between men and women.  That when a boy grows up, he realizes he is not like his mother and starts to learn to differentiate himself from her (maybe to the exclusion of the good ole ‘momma’s boys).  But women do not feel this need and usually remains close to and dependent on her mother. (I hope O does forever… ahahahahahaha).

Then she goes on to saying that about 70 percent of mood-altering or anxiety-relieving (me) drugs are taken by women.  Ugh.  So sad.  She quotes Maggie Scarf’s book called “Unfinished Business:  Pressure Points in the Lives of Women,” saying:

Women are statistically more depressed because they have been taught to be more dependent and affection-seeking, and thus they rarely achieve an

independent sense of self.  A woman gives her highest priorities to pleasing others, being attractive to others, and being cared for, and caring for others.

Women receive ferocious training in a direction that leads away from thinking “What do I want?” and toward “What do they want?”  They may be in danger

of merely melting into the people around them and fail to realize they are an individual with rights and needs, and they need to establish


I started thinking about this today after I read it.  I started thinking, it is so hard to decide if I want to be independent or if I want to be cared for. Then, I realized that you shouldn’t have to pick.  You should be with a person who allows you to be independent and knows how to care for you without impeding on your rights and wants as a human being… not just as a woman.

At the end of her devotional for the day, Joyce Meyer’s says:  Ask yourself today, “What do I want?”  What do you guys want?