That’s my little munchkin staring at the Louie Vuitton window display.

We had a great time with our friends watching “Cinderella” at the El Capitan. Followed by some light shopping and lunch at CPK. Strangely enough, even being California born & bred,virtually living down the street, and having gotten married at the now Loews … It was my first time at the Kodak Theater & El Capitan.

The Kodak Theater has that walk through water area where kids can play. Mine played. It’s great to see her running through the waters carefree and giggling, because it wasn’t too long ago when she wouldn’t have even dreamed of playing by herself. She would’ve dragged me in with her. 😦 But I love the excitement on her face. It’s such pure, simple joy. Luckily, we had just bought some new clothes for her so I didn’t mind that her new Twinkle shoes were soaking wet. (As she pointed out) I just loved seeing her have a great time. Her running through the water with such childhood glee will remain engrained in my mind forever.

Those, few but magical, moments are what a character from “Back Up Plan” talked about regarding parenting. He said, “it’s like this… Bad, bad, bad, bad … And then wow. And those are the moments you live for!!!”

Amen to that!