Surround yourself with people who love you no matter what. Knowing I have people who love me no matter what is wonderful.

Of course, there will always be that small group of women and yes… even men…who don’t like seeing women behave in barbaric ways. My advice to them, “look the other way!!!” I love women and men who are honest, raw, and open. Of course, frequent, stinky, in-yo’ face burps or cussing like a truck driver (me… I used to cuss a lot 😦 )…can become annoying after awhile… but still, I love that they can do it and not give a fudge.

It’s exhausting to encircle yourself with men and women you feel you have to impress all the time. It really is. That is why I avoid these people as much as I can. The ice princesses. The hot-one-day, then cold-the-next people. The “you should do this… or do that” people. The “my voice sounds so melodic and wise, so I’m not going to shut the bleep-cicles up” people. The type of people who tell you “I love you, you’re so great,” but you know that you don’t mean sh!t to them. (Yep, I’m talking about your ass…if you’re thinking… “is she talking about me?” I probably am. Hahahahahaha. Just kidding). But I know the game now and I can play it well. I just choose not too. I’m to lazy to deal with bullshit.

I do choose to utilize my filter at times, because as the Korean saying goes… “you don’t avoid sh!t because you are scared of it, you avoid it because it stinks.” I use it mostly with people who I don’t care about. Who aren’t worth the investment or energy for me to even delve further into so they can understand me better or me them. Useless.

I used to have “like-me-itis” when I was younger and probably up until I got married. Now, I have too much of a “I-don’t-give-a-bleep-itis!!” I will say how it is (at least for me) and if you can’t deal… don’t let the door slam your a$$ on your way out. You either like me or you don’t.

I can ONLY handle the way I deal with people… I can’t handle your emotions towards me. It’s just as simple as that.