Truly so sad for all the victims and their family & friends. Peace.

It’s a shame when a murder spree is commented upon as saying,”because of their customary beards and turbans, Sikh men are often confused for Hindus or Muslims — and have been the targets of hate crimes since the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington,” said Surinder Singh, a spokesman for the Guru Nanak Mission Society of Atlanta.

So, does it make it okay if the group being murdered is Hindu or Muslim?  No, and I know that is not what this person meant.  Well, at least I hope it isn’t what he meant.

It continues to baffle me why people can’t live and let live.  Why so much animosity still has to occur between cultures that really do not know much about one another except from preconceived notions and ideas based on media or an ill-reported addendum.  If we didn’t care so much about what other people were doing that didn’t directly affect us, why so much hostility?

It doesn’t matter the number of people hurt and injured in this massacre.  I think some mentioned how this tragedy was not as brutal as the Batman tragedy or the Korean boy who killed the Virginia Tech students.  Really?  THIS IS A FREAKING HATE CRIME, PEOPLE!!!

I’m truly afraid.  Not for me, but for my daughter’s generation.  What are they learning?  How will they react to these situations?  What will they infer from these violent images?  That hating and killing one another is okay?

I find it a shame when I walk past the Jewish Center on Wilshire and San Vicente (building for Zimmer Museum) and see all the suited guards and the metal detectors.  Why?  Because it shows how alert they are to the fact that they are targets of hate.  Hitler is no longer around, but his teachings have transcended generation after generation.  It still exists.  And the fear is very real, very evident, and very much alive in this community.

I try to live in my own little bubble as much as possible because it’s safer place for my daughter, my mental well-being, and my family.  But lately, all I’m hearing about are hate crimes and killings.  Do you teach your 3 year old child about hate?  How do you explain that she needs to be careful and yet still try to be carefree?

It’s sad when there is so little time trying to do good things in life… and someone spends their days and nights trying to instill fear and hate in themselves and others… especially when these haters are parents instilling the same ignorant ideals into their small children.

Peace… it’s ain’t going to cost you your life.  That’s for damn sure.  Give it a try.