Before the magic of ‘morebeaute2’… after… wishing my La Mer Hydrating Infusion will work some cosmetic magic

I love these new pic Apps that make you look flawless.  I’m almost embarrassed not to use them anymore because the reality of the situation is… I’m aging.  My skin feels like sandpaper most days even after applying moisturizers.  I’ve tried a plethora of new products because I wasn’t getting the hydration I needed for my skin, especially during different times throughout the month.

I wish my skin could look as smooth and flawless as the picture on the right.  It’s not likely that’s ever going to happen as I’m noticing more new “life lines” forming than not.  I love those people who say they are “embracing” aging, because I’m not.  I’m going to fight that Biotch as long as I can.  (I guess it would help if I washed my face at night instead of being lazy and just washing off with Cetaphil… don’t judge.  I’m tired and just want to go to sleep.  At least I’m even taking off my makeup!!!  I should seriously by stock in Cetaphil.  Been using that product for over 15 years).

I went as far as buying Korean products such as Iope because I thought they would understand Asian skin better.  Haha.  But I can’t say I’m that impressed with the IOPE Plant Stem Cell Skin Renewal Cream.  It’s lightweight but it’s not moisturizing enough and a bit to fragrant for my taste.  It’s good in the sense that if you are layering skin products, you don’t feel like one big a$$ sloppy mess.

Mediocre to Decent at best…

Randomly while I was doing an exchange, I perused the La Mer counter.  (I’m not a product or brand name label whore like my sis, so I’m not the type to buy La Mer because of the hype!!!).  So while the bitchy cashier was doing my exchange, I dabbled with a few products and tried them out on my hands.  I saw the Radiant Infusion and the Hydrating Infusion… NOTE:  INFUSION FOR $95… NOT THE SERUM… THAT’S $260!!!! I tried both and liked them both.

I asked the Counter person at NORDSTROM-THE GROVE (YEAH SUCKER, I’M CALLING YOU OUT!!!) about the Radiant Infusion because it sounded pretty.  Haha.  I asked in my friendliest way, “is this for extra moisture needs?”  The Guy, looking annoyed as fudgicles… rolls his eyes in a are you a REH-TARD… and with his snooty expression and an ultra a$$hole-ish tone says, “uh, it’s to make your pores smaller.”  Slight headroll w/a minute jolt of the head and piercing unamused stared.  Jeez yikes.  So I call over my personal shopper, Annie, and tell her to ring me up for the Hydrating Infusion and the rest of my loot.

You lost commission, Jerk.  You work in CUSTOMER SERVICE biatch… I’M THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!! (I know name calling is juvenile… but in this case, it’s necessary).  Know your role!!!

So anyways, I go home with child-like enthusiasm because I’m excited beans to try out this new product.  Of course, I tell my husband it’s for him and his dry face.  That way he won’t kill me for the money I spent on the other useless stuff I bought last week.  Hehe.  Sneaky, right?  But not really, because I do give him mini-home facials. 🙂

I’ve been using it for about 4 days day and night… and I must say, it is amazing.  My skin definitely doesn’t feel as dry.  I don’t think you need the SERUM unless you are in your fifties and above.  If you are in your late thirties (like me… eesh, I’m in my late thirties now!), I think the Infusion is great.  Luckily, I had a giftcard courtesy of my generous Mother In-law (yay, MIL!!)… so it was free for me.  Well, I had to pay a few bucks because of tax.  But it’s amazing.  I will take another pic in a few weeks and see if the magic makeup fairy blessed me with amazeballs skin.  Hehe.

So ask for giftcards for any special occasion to buy it.  Hehe.  You are worth the investment!!!!