Can you feel my dismay? I think I’m getting good at my various facial expressions. Hehe

Little Miss Cosmetologist walks in and says proudly, “Momma, I cut my bangs!!!”

Me: “What? What do you mean?”

O: “I cut my hair?”

Me: “What? Why? Where? ELMO!!!!! (that’s my sis!!!)!!!”

I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t. Why? Because just two days prior, Little Miss. Scissor-Happy cut my iPod earphones in half. Normally, I do not sweat that kind of stuff. Really. I’m super chill about graffitti on the walls, water on the floor, etc (of course, it depends on the amount of sleep I get 😉 ). But I had to put a stop to it. She never did this before. She knows better. But lately, the little scientist in her is beginning to experiment with cutting different things. My immediate thought was, “what if she cuts an electric cord or something more dangerous!!!” MOMMA BEAR ROAR!!!!!! SAVE THE CUB. SAVE THE CUB!!!

I did what I thought I would never do… after talking to her about her rights’ as a child (that’s, she gets to cut paper)… I gave her two smacks on her bottom. I’m not an advocate of spanking. I don’t judge others who use it. But I’m a believer in the human capability of using words to convey emotions. Well, this time, after talking to an Unnie… It was the one time, I felt she needed to know what the repercussions of being a repeat offender were and ARE. She needed to know what a sting on the bottom felt like so she refrains and uses a bit of self-control the next time she decides to take her blue-tipped, kid- sized scissors on a cutting spree. Yes, I understand she is only 3 1/2 years old. But it felt right. And no, I didn’t turn around and feel guilty at all. Call CPS. Haha.

Afterwards, she had to sit on the “thinking chair.” She hates the thinking chair.

I was calling her dad as he walked in. I bum rushed his a$$, telling him about the crime just committed by his repeat offender. And why I was worried. His response? Laughter!!! He thought it was so funny and cute (as did I secretly… hehe) but he was like “who cares? It’s her hair.” Haha.

He, then, valliantly walks over to his “thinking chair-wall-facing-sitting little girl” and says in the happiest of tones, “hey O, are you trying to be a cosmetologist?” He saves her up from her area of confinement and whisks her away and gallops off on his white chariot into the blazing sunset. Ok, it obviously didn’t go like that. It just felt like it. Nice. Her Prince Charming. Ugh. He’s comedy.

But I didn’t let it go. I kept telling him, “it’s not a material concern at all. It’s a safety concern!!!” Him: “Ok enough, baby. Someone stuck tweezers into an electric socket not once, but TWICE. She will learn.” (That SOMEONE = ME!!! I was O’s age… haha. Yes, I got electrocuted… and all the electricity shut off. But I didn’t quite get shocked enough, so I did it again to make sure. See, I’m inquisitive. Ahahahaahaha. But I’m fine. Can’t you tell? Hehehe).

But, I don’t want my daughter to have to electrocute herself twice before realizing she doesn’t have nine lives. Curiosity killed the Cat. It’s really my own fears. I know it. It talks about it in a book called, “Parenting from Within.” (thank you, Suj, for referring that book to me… yet to finish it. Hahaha). The book says that the actual root cause of the parent’s disciplinary action is, “the parent’s fear of the child coming to harm, and the associated future guilt that would be felt with that outcome.” Very true. Guilt. It sucks.

Read this book… it’s a small book, but definitely not a quick read as you really have to digest what the author is telling you to do.

For different parenting skills…

Parenting is hard. You want to raise decent human beings. You want to give them a sense of freedom to explore the world around them, yet keep them secure and safe without impeding on their growth and creativity. You can read, research, and do all the things the books tell you to do… but there’s no fool-proof method. So, all I can do is trust my instincts that I’m doing the best I can with what armor and arsenal I have. I just pray she turns out whole and unbroken.