That’s me … trying to do a sad face. Actress? NO … I am not!

So I went to my doctor’s office today… yes, the charming Goldie saw me today!!!  That would be the great Dr. Goldberg.  Swoon ladies, I know you guys have major crushes on him.  Hehe.  I  went because I was having monthly issues that were coming too frequently.  Say every two dang weeks.  Major cramp in my style… no pun intended.  This had never happened to me before.  I was always regular.  Yes, TMI.  But I told you I would share 100% honestly with you all.  Anyways, so I was concerned since we are still trying.

Turns out I have another cyst in my ovary… but this time in my tube as well.  So that explains a lot in terms of not getting pregnant.  Not sure what the plan of action is going to be.  I have to go back in six weeks unless of course it causes excruciating pain like it has in the past.  I’m so over it.  But it’s really not a “boo hoo” me situation.  People have it so much harder than me, so I am really glad that it’s nothing more serious.  I thank Guilana Rancic for my change in disposition because man… that lady went through so much stuff.  She was still so positive throughout it all.  There will be a light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I know it.  Although most definitely not looking forward to the looking faux pregnant… the bloating is seriously insane.  I’m like a camel.  Retention all around.  The pain is debilitating at times because I have so much scar tissue from all my other surgeries… so as the cyst grows… it starts stretching my little egg sack and causes me to get impacted in all sorts of ways.  But again, the world shall reward me in other ways… at least I was able to have O.  That’s all that matters to me.  It wasn’t always this easy for me to have a nonchalant attitude towards this situation.  Before O, I tormented myself with the thought of not being able to conceive.  I think this added to my postpartum because I was so tightly wound up before I got married, after I got married, while we were trying, while I was pregnant, and afterwards.  So to come to where I’ve come… is a monumental achievement for me.

It’s definitely not easy dealing with the discomfort when you have a kid… but I know I will be fine.  Nothing a nice Percocet can’t cure.  Ahahahahaha.  Just kidding.  I take Advil.  Jeez, people.  Joke.  Joke.  There’s got to be a reason God is testing me like these for the past 16 years.  I’m thinking He’s mocking me right now thinking… “girl, why don’t you get it yet?”  Me:  “huh?”  Hahahahahahaha.  You got to laugh.  What else can I do?

Anyways, I will keep you posted on how I’m feeling and what happens in the next six weeks.