I still use babywipes all the time.  It helps in stick situations.  Runny noses.  Dirty hands.  Wiping up messes.

I have my favorite as well.  It came by default too.  I am a label snob when it comes to things I use for my kid.  I will use cheap stuff on myself, but I don’t sacrifice for my kid.  So I always assumed the better the name brand or more expensive the better.  Reality check #2384798473298 in baby rearing.

I will go over the ones I’ve used…

Worst ever wipe!!!!

Huggies wipes (especially the sensitive line) are the worst wipes ever.  It rips when you pull them out of the packaging, especially the ones in the travel plastic pack.  That’s the worst part of it and the reason why I don’t like it the most.  It’s seriously annoying when you are trying to take it out to wipe up your child’s poo poo-ridden bottom and it gives you a dime sized piece each time you pull.  Irritating.  Other than that, it’s okay.  But really, it is super annoying.  Then, you end up pulling out more than you need because you have to grab a bundle in order for you to not get a smiggle of a piece.

2nd best…

Pampers are my second favorite wipes… but their diapers are definitely my first choice because they didn’t leak and were soft.  Huggies diapers were too rough and gave O diaper rash.  The elastic on the Huggies diapers are actually better though… maybe even a bit too tight.  Anyways, I like these wipes… but because of the brand name more expensive than the rest for just about the same product.  It didn’t rip but wasn’t as thick as I needed it to be.  Does the trick though.  I always use the sensitive line and the product didn’t rip.  There’s actually a YouTube video about Pampers v. Kirkland.  I haven’t watched but now I’m interested in watching.  Haha.

The BEST!!! Bang for your buck and product quality.

So, here’s the story behind these wipes.  When I would see my friend, Rita, using them or anyone else… I would think “yikes, why would they use a no name brand from a wholesale market on their kids?”  Yeah snob, right?  But I did, because I had never used anything Kirkland before that… oh well, paper plates.  So Rita gave me a package to use.  It was love at first wipe.  Seriously.  I fell in love.  I was humbled.

They are amazeballs.  Thick.  No scent.  (I even feel safe enough to wipe inside O’s mouth before milk time).  And DOES NOT RIP.  The packaging does have a downfall in that the closure doesn’t stay closed all the time because it’s just a tape flap unlike Huggies and Pampers who use a plastic shield to keep it from drying out.  It really is the best wipe.  Cost efficient because it comes in a bundle pack and it really doesn’t chaff or give O a reaction.  (On a side note, my husband likes them too… ok and I do too… yep we use them on our bottoms too).

I wish they had Kirkland wipes in a smaller, travel sized package because it is kind of heavy to take the entire thing in a diaper bag.  Huggies and Pampers fortunately have travel sizes so I guess you can opt for those then.  Hope this helps some new mommies and daddies.