I felt bad that I cock blocked the guys to get this shot. Hehe. I’m an evil witch.

We all had a great time. I’m not much of a party planner. I’m anxiety prone until the day of. I’ve had numerous negative birthday party experiences as a child because my birthday was in the summer and no one would show up. Haha. But we had a great group of people. Most people know I’m a stickler for time (Yes, I’m an a$$ when it comes to RSVPs and being on time)… so I tend to get frazzled with last minute RSVPs or no shows. But I’m getting better. Thanks to all that came and helped make it such a great night… at least from what I remember. Here are some pics of us just messing around and having fun.

Oh and a little 411 on how not to have a crazy hangover… take a Benadryl before sleeping. I don’t recommend it to everyone but it works for me. When you drink a lot… you don’t get great sleep. It helps … and it makes you nausea free in the morning thanks to the anti-histamine. If you have kids that wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and you don’t have a great mom or nanny there to nurse you back to reality (thanks mom), it really helps. But try not to take it while you are still drinking. Common sense 101.

Madame Wu to the left… and my infamous BFF to the right

Those two are the funniest women I know. I can be 100% totally raw and real with these crazy ladies.

My cute surrogate lil sis, Jesse. She looks like an angel right? Nope, my partner in crime.

That’s Jesse… she’s the one I always use my SodaStream with. Hehehe. I’m not going to include the group shot, because my sister would kill me because I didn’t get proper clearance and authorization to use her pic for the masses to see. Hehe.

Just some of the girls… the guys were on the other side… fun times. Such beauty queens.

You know what? I’m going to live on the edge. I will endure an a$$ kicking to show you some of the pretty ladies that were part of my special day. My newlywed friend, Jenny, came late but you can see our picture in the Elevate slideshow, I think. She’s my pseudo-manager. Lovely lady.

And last but not least, the man of my dreams. My lover. Thank you husb for all that you do for me.

The man that made it all happen… oh no, he’s not the manager. He’s my lover. Hehe

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. Thank you TAKAMI/ELEVATE for being such great hosts. It was fun. Now, time for healthy habits. Detox time til next year. Hehe.