My writing hobby has become a job… now what?

So what was once a hobby… will probably be getting a facelift and a change of address soon. I’m going global. Ahahahahaha. Just kidding. But I do want to see where all of this can go. How many people I can entertain, help, console, and companion. Obviously, it’s also partly do to my own narcissism and me wanting my story to be heard by the masses.

But how do people become famous bloggers? It’s insane. I, typically, like to just talk about my personal emotions, thoughts, and experiences… but is that enough? Am I intriguing enough? I’m pretty realistic. I know I’m not. I’d have a gazillion followers and readers by now if I were, right?

Well, according to my friend, George, you have to buy followers. WTIcicles. I was flabbergasted when I heard that. He’s like, “you have to use a company like mine and pay like $100-$50/day to get us to market your site!!!” Is this crazy or what? I’m like “first of all, I’m just trying to get some sponsors or advertisers… but I have to buy that? Crazy.” Haha. Reality check #1 in blogging as a business. I’m trying to make some side cash without resorting to borrowing from my husband for my sister and my HOME HEALTH MONEY PIT!!! So what a burst of my naive bubble. Buy viewership. Wow.

How do people succeed these days? The banks don’t lend money to new business owners… bloggers have to buy viewers… reality shows are scripted… Ryan’s roses is fake. AHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s just too much reality for one person to handle. Haha.

Anyways, that’s where all four of you diligent readers come into the picture. Follow my blog. Tell your friends. Link to your FB, Twitter… etc. Talk about it. Hehehehehe. You will be rewarded by the universe. JK. But seriously, you will. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to provide a sound retirement plan for my immigrant parents and in-laws who didn’t know of such things as 401K’s, retirement plans, and college funds. Hehe. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “why is it up to me?” Well, because they worked their arses off their entire adult lives to care for us, so that’s the least I can do. I think this mentality shifted into high gear when my husband recently slipped his disc and couldn’t work for a week. Reality check #2… life is full of surprises! Be prepared. It was scary to think I may HAVE to be the sole breadwinner of my family. Having to and wanting to are two very different beasts.

So again, post! Link! Tweet! FB!!! Thank you. That would be the best birthday present ever. NO GUILT TRIP. hahahahahaha. Outside of selling an organ… you are my hope. :p