I’m a little of each… but predominantly in-between the bun and menopause!!!! Hahahahahahahaha.

I don’t know what age bracket I will fall into after today on legal papers… probably the 35-40 years young.  But, I’m all for it.  This year has been so amazing, in terms of spiritual and self-growth.  I’m so blessed to have the life I have and the experiences I have had and have yet to come.

I am immensely grateful towards my family and extended family for all their love, grace, and patience with me.

Tonight, I will be celebrating with people who are near and dear to me… (well, most… muahahahahaha… just kidding).  My husband is amazing at planning parties.  Me?  I’m not into details, so I am prone to leaving out minute but major components to big events.  For example, I booked a hotel for our honeymoon… but the hotel wasn’t book for the entire week.  I didn’t find that out until we got to the hotel and they were fully booked for the rest of the week.  Minor detail.  Oops.  Hahahaha.  Balance is good between a couple.  Hehehe.  I would’ve invited tons of people and had no venue.  Hehe.

Anyways, I will update you if I am not in a state of duress (aka… hangover).  Welcome, 37.  Be kind to me.