The latest and greatest of postcards I’ve seen on my FB wall.

This is great… RACISM IS STUPID.

This postcard makes perfect sense. I watched “Avenue Q” in Vegas with my husband and in one of the skits it said, “everyone is a little bit racist.” I fully believe this. Amongst our own, I’m sure we take jabs at other cultures. But I believe there’s fine line we skate on… because we don’t want those attitudes to transcend unconsciously into our daily lives. Sometimes, I think, if we have to be super cautious of our reactions and actions to those of another culture… are we being organic in our friendship with a person from another culture/race. There’s that line of knowing, you probably wouldn’t say “what up, N…” to an African American if you aren’t… or “hey, Ching Chong Dong” to a Chinese… unless you guys know each other and don’t fear being punched in the face. Is it okay to think if it’s not hurting anyone, then it doesn’t matter?

I don’t watch the local news (or world news… ahahahaha), because I think it instills unnecessary stress and fear into you. Most of the shows aren’t uplifting, because people don’t want to see happy people. Haha. The irony. Anyways, while I was perusing the Net… I ran across the big hoopla right now between comedian George Lopez and Joe Arpaio. Apparently, Joe Arpaio is “America’s Toughest Sheriff” out in Arizona and a proponent for Border Control and the topic of one of George Lopez’s comedy shows. George Lopez says, “Sheriff Joe in Arizona, #### You.” Haha. Apparently, Joe Arpaio didn’t see the humor in it and called out George Lopez to a “Mexican Lunch.” (To be honest, I don’t know what a Mexican Lunch is … so I couldn’t even begin to try to explain).

They both have the right to freedom of speech. But again, that fine line is crossed when someone begins to promote violence against one another. I heard, too, that a few inmates were planning to assassinate Joe Arpaio. I don’t think killing him off is going to make a difference because there will always be another to follow suite. You can’t kill everyone who has a difference in opinion than you. It’s ludicrous and barbaric. I would’ve killed dozens by now if that’s how we are taught to resolve issues.

We have the power of communication. A well-spoken, non-hostile word can speak volumes. If we were to put our pride aside, I’m sure we would live in a more peaceful world. The funny thing is… if we would just let people from other parts of the world into our melting pot … this issue wouldn’t be such a big issue. I mean, who’s land is this anyways?

In the end… we are all the same. And again, no one but God is going to be the border patrol.

In the end… this is how we will all end up. So in this one, short life we have… let’s live it peacefully without hurting one another.