I don’t want to hate on my body or brain, but this is so true. Thanks Jenn.

I don’t like hating on my body the way I use to when I was in my teens and twenties. I appreciate that my body was able to provide a nurturing home for O for ten months… yes men, it’s ten months not nine. 😉

But this postcard is so true. Most of us eat because we are bored… not hungry. Or it’s a social thing. I’m guilty of it. I use to think I’m an emotional eater as well, but now recognize that i don’t eat when I’m really, really upset. Doh!!! Lightbulb, lightbulb blaring!!! I guess that’s still being an emotional eater. 😦

I’m trying to learn not to sit idle at home because I tend to start visualizing the tantalizing, make-your-mouth taste of ramen or Velveeta Mac and Cheese (my friend from college, Suj… can attest to my penchant for melted orange cheeses.  She says those cheeses can survive a “nuclear winter.” Boo.). Then all of a sudden, it’s in my mouth. Then, on my arse!!! Comfort foods are my cryptonite. 😦  Sigh…

So, this is why I started blogging more and organizing more playdates for O and myself. Although these playdates seem counterproductive to my dreams of having rock hard abs, because they tend to heavily revolve around food, wine, and sitting for me…I feel justified because I’m still getting out more and feel more productive. So I’m feeling it’s a win-win situation for all involved…including my arse. 🙂

Thanks Jenn for sharing.