I think I’m supposed to give source credits from where I get my pictures and such. Well, from now until forever my source is: THE INTERNET. Okay, more specifically, Google search. You’re welcome.

This is a real woman. I can relate to this… this is reality

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I can’t relate to this…

Look at this lady on the left, I can’t relate to people who don’t look pregnant after a week postpartum. I gained nearly 70lbs during my pregnancy. Like Jessica Simpson, I’m a small girl with big tatas. Pregnancy didn’t give me a glow… I looked uncomfortable, big, less than stellar… and I could see other people’s discomfort for me.  Puahahahaha. But I felt great. I felt the most confident ever. I wore a bikini in Cabo at six months pregnant… but looked 10 months pregnant and I didn’t not give a rats ass. It was liberating.

I feel bad for Jessica Simpson and Hillary Duff. All the moms who don’t bounce back in six weeks time… I feel you. I think instead of bashing her and putting pressure on her to get that $4million dollar Weight Watchers deal… we should applaud her for even having the courage to put on her workout clothes and get to the gym, because I can sure as hell tell you, that that was the last place I wanted to be after being up all night and being attached to a pump all day.

I struggle with weight all the time. I’m up and down the scale throughout the month. It’s a struggle to find peace with your body image. I can say now that I’m older, I’m able to embrace my body more with all it’s bumps and dimples. I’m quite aware of the fact that I’ve never really seen my body at it’s pinnacle, but that’s okay.  One can dream of the day, right?  I look at my real life friends as motivation… (Ms. Jinky).  One day… I shall seize the day.

One day, I hope to do get in shape. But like my husband says…”Round is a shape.” I accept it. Oval, Round…it’s all good. I love Jessica Simpson. She’s made a billion dollar empire based on the fact that she was true to herself… I love that.