My mom has been sailing away on a cruise with my dad. To take advantage of an empty house, my sister has been staying home more. Every time I would ask her to come over, she would say “no, I have stuff to do.” But then, she would go to her friend, Fang’s… pronounced Fong…house. I get it, they are both in their 30s, single, and not-ready-to-mingle. But it still was a slap in the face.

After my umpteenth attempt at asking her to come over to play with us… she kept giving me incremental time frame options. My pride at this point hurt and annoyed was like “Forget it then, don’t come.” But the ironic thing is… I think I’m just used to nagging her to come over. I do enjoy our times together, but I think it’s more a habit. Maybe to even see if she would do it. I’m trying to decipher what all these feelings are about and related to. I have to say though, I have enjoyed my alone time with my little magical creature.

Yesterday, after picking her up from school, we went to get ice cream at a little place on Larchmont called, “Baciami.”

Yummy crepes and gelato…

I love coming here with O. We’ve been coming here since we first introduced her to gelato around the age of 1 1/2. Of course we can go to Baskin Robbin’s up the street, but I like supporting small business owners. Larchmont has long been struggling to keep the street as non-commercial as possible. It’s great because the owners recognize her and are always so kind.

Love that we can just make a small date out of walking up and down the street. Landis Toy Store is expanding their store which is awesome because they have a great story time on the weekends. It is something O and her dad enjoy doing together after going to Jamba Juice/Farmers Market/Noah’s or Sam’s Bagel.

There’s always the exciting chance of having a celebrity sighting …and oftentimes, Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) is at her store, “The Little Seed” which sells organic toys and clothing. A bit pricey in my opinion, but the clothes are very soft. She has a small play area there which is nice… and is cool about letting parents use her restroom for the little ones.

That’s the downfall of Larchmont… there aren’t any decent public restrooms. Rite Aid won’t even let you use theirs. Once I had to pretend I was going to a yoga class at YogaWorks, because I was having explosive diarrhea and on the verge of convulsing from the fatigue of trying to control the urge. Sweat beads were collecting allover my face. I looked like one of the bridesmaid from the movie, “Bridesmaid” after they ate the bad Brazilian meat. Ahahahahahahaha. I have no shame to admit this. (Yes, men… women poo… and we flatulate from both ends. Shocking!!!!).