This time of day is great.  It’s right after I’ve come home from dropping O off at school and there’s quiet.  I drink my coffee.  Tidy up.  And start writing.  In peace.  Listening to music.  Typically, I like my writing space to be neat and the house to be clean so I can write without thinking, “yuck, dirty dishes in the sink.”  But today, I just wanted to write.  (It’s actually 7/3 at 9:38am… I’m on a roll with these blogs… thx Pish, for reminding me I could schedule ahead!!! ;)).  This is the time of day, I miss her too and can’t wait for when it’s time to pick her up.

She’s excited that tomorrow her dad has promised to take her to Legoland.  We’ve had detours with this endeavor due to illness, weather, herniated discs, etc.  I’m looking forward to it too, especially because I saw the weather forecast and it’s supposed to be in the low 70s.  Yahoo.  As most of you know, Chris and heat= no bueno.

The other night when O got back with her dad from his parents house, she was already fast asleep from the car ride.  It was not even 8pm when they arrived home.  I thought she would wake up and want to play, but she slept through the night.  Well maybe not soundly, but she slept.

At one point, she woke up in the midst of her sleep.  What she did next will remain in my memory bank forever.  She got up, looked at me, covered me with the blanket, patted the blanket on me with a “there, there honey” kind of feel, and stroked my face.  The overall feel was a “mom, I got you.  I’m taking care of you. I know you need it.”  Then, she passed out.  I gasped.  Her actions moved me so much.

That’s when I knew, I think our extended and immediate family are doing something correctly with this little magical creature.  She are instilling love and kindness in her.  So much so, she can act it out in her sleep.  It was moving to say the least.

I know too well now how my bad actions impact her whole being as well.  When I see her mimicking the way I get angry or scold or the way she plays out how her teachers reprimand the students at school, I’m reminded about the malleability of a child’s mind.  I may not be impacting the world, but I’m sure as hell impacting my daughter’s world.