I love the way all types of music moves your soul.  I love listening to people play the piano.  My friend, Chung, played the piano beautifully for us on Saturday night when we met for her husband’s birthday party.  Not learning a musical instrument is one of my biggest regrets in life.  I tried going back to piano some years back, but couldn’t focus as I was still in school trying to finish my nursing degree.

Listening to:

Adagio Marcello-Bach… Concerto in D Minor.  I heard from my friend, Mr. Grey played it in the book.  Hehehe.  I knew lots of useful knowledge would come from that book.  I think my husband is enjoying all that I’ve learned as well.  Ahahahahah.

And “A Thousand Years” from Christina Perry.  This song was supposedly from Twilight, but when my sister and I watched the movie… it was no where to be heard.  But, it’s nice.

My favorite song of all time is “Feels Like Home” from the “My Sister’s Keeper” soundtrack by Edwina Hayes.  Why?  Because it makes me think of O and my husband.  The lyrics move me.


For the married, single, and wanting love:  

It was given to me by my BFF.  I just started reading this along with Joan Didion’s book… I am enjoying it, because it seems candid and honest.  There was actually a part of the book that struck such a chord with me that I felt like, “omg, I can’t have husb read this, because he’s going to be like…’omg, my wife is a psychotic B!!!'”  Ahahahhahaahahah.

These are some of the things I’m into these days.  I hope you can enjoy them too.