Forever21 has the best colored jeans for only $15.60ish.  It’s the twill fabric.  Very forgiving on the muffiin top, but can fit a bit snug on the calves.  You can tell by the cut if it’s going to be tight.  The pant size runs a size larger it seems.  Length is definitely long for my short legs.  But it’s not such an investment as Joe’s jeans or any of the higher name brands.  It’s trendy, so you can get a million and still feel like you aren’t breaking the bank.  Ok, maybe not a million.

I had to share that buy with you because I got almost every single color.

I wrote yesterday about my melancholy mood.  I think in every dark tunnel… there is always light waiting for you to discover.  While I was feeling sorry for myself, I discovered how much I am loved.  My husband thinks my number one support is my sister.  Yes, she is.  She is my best friend, but she’s not the one person I feel loves me unconditionally aside from God.  To be honest, my sister is very judgmental of me.  Yep, she is.  She may not think so but I do.  Maybe not judgmental, but she’s not full of empathy because she’s a completely different human being than I am.  So the drinking, social smoking, the partying are a bit foreign to her.  And that’s ok, because she forgives my weaknesses.

While exchanging emails with my husb, I just fully learned that besides God… my mom is the one person who accepts me 10000000%.  I’m so crazy open with her and she just laughs.  Calls me crazy… and sits still to still enjoy my crazy stories.  I think because she’s secretly just as crazy as me.  Hahahahaha… or maybe I’m just as crazy as she is.  My friends, all, adore her.  They talk to her about sex, boys, toys, … everything.  She’s like Kris Jenner… but not so annoying.  At least I want to believe that.

It’s ironic though, because when I want to talk to her the most to tell her how much I appreciate and love her… she’s on a boat, gallavanting around with my dad for their 40th anniversary.  ;).  Thank you mahzor.  I love you.  For everything you do.