I want the two hours of my life I wasted watching, “Magic Mike.”  Yes, it was that bad.  

My sister owes me her life for making me sit through that monstrosity of a movie.  I must say though… Channing Tatum can move.  White boy can dance.  His acting is still pretty choppy and hasn’t evolved much at all.  His body was definitely a wonderland.

Throughout the movie, I was looking at my Iphone clock wondering when is this agony going to end.  I even started reading my emails to find out that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are splitting up.  Not surprised.  But sad for them nonetheless as I can’t imagine the gamut of emotions and hardships that are involved.

On that note, I had dinner and lots of Soju last night with my girlfriend who got divorced a bit ago.  She makes me proud, as a fellow woman, knowing how difficult a decision it was to leave, and yet she still maintains her sense of self, her worth, and humor.  It couldn’t have been easy, but she makes it look so.

Anyways, wait if you are going to end up watching this movie… make sure you watch when on cable.  Don’t waste money on even renting it.