We went to Little Spain Wednesday night with a group of diverse moms from Os school.  There were entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, nurses, attorneys, masseuses, etc.  Very eclectic group of fascinating ladies.  It was hard to talk to everyone because the seating arrangements, but it was fun to get out and be amongst great women.

The restaurant was mediocre at best like I mentioned before, but the company and conversation made up for the lack of taste.

Two of my favorite mom’s from O’s class…

I enjoy keeping myself busy.  It keeps me from wasting my day thinking unnecessary thoughts, being bored, and eating my boredom away.  ;)… yep, I’m an emotional eater.  So when I’m bored, I eat.  And I can eat… A LOT!!!!!!!!

I also just started a short book by Joan Didion called “A Year of Magical Thinking.”  

It’s a short read, but not a page turner in terms of sexual excitement as the other books did.  But lately, I feel the need to begin facing the reality of death and what emotions come with dealing with the reality of death of a close friend or family member.  Grief comes in so many different forms, I hear.  But the reality of how you will respond varies so dramatically from person to person.

We hear life is short all the time.  As our parents age and as we notice our same aged friends succumbing to cancer and other terminal diseases, you begin to question your own mortality.  Your time left here on earth.  How you want your life to be played out.  What people will say about the way you were and the way you lived.

In this book, Joan Didion explains how she went about for twelve months some what denying the death of her husband.  I will summarize for you once I’m done.

I hope everyone is having a blessed week.  I’m praying you are all healthy, happy, and in great spirits.