What a great day today was… and it’s still not over yet.

I have my MNO (Mom’s Night Out) planned with some of O’s classmates’ moms.  It should be fun.  Although, I tried out the restaurant one of the mom’s suggested and the food was mediocre at best.  I hate wasting money on food that doesn’t taste good.  But the company and communion should be nice, so that makes up for the lack of the restaurant’s ability to satiate my taste buds.

Today was great because my mom and I just sat and watched a Korean drama together on the computer.  So high tech.  Hahahahahaha.  (My sis was in the room reading some of my books on the Nook).  It was nice.  We hadn’t done something like that together in years.  I suppose it is because I don’t watch TV much; let alone a Korean drama.

Watching Korean dramas makes me want to visit the Motherland.  I haven’t been since 2001.  I don’t like flying.  And of course, the fear escalated to monumental degrees after 9/11.  I’m getting better, but it’s still crazy to think you are high above the world just floating.