Energy suckers are like real life vampires.  They don’t know they are “energy suckers” but you do.  After meeting with them, you literally feel physically, mentally, and emotionally expended.  The sad part of this situation is that you, yourself, may be an energy sucker at times without even realizing it.  I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it at times even though I diligently try not to be.  There was a time in my mid-twenties that I can truthfully admit, I was one.  That’s why I can smell one from miles away.

Knowing what I know about some, I wonder why I still give them the benefit of the doubt.  I try to think the Christian way by thinking, “I should be grateful that someone likes me so much to even want to hang out with me the way they do.”  But for whatever reason, after leaving those in-frequent meetings, I don’t depart from them with a sense of fulfillment or longing for our next fun-filled meeting.  It’s more of a “oh great, I got that out of the way.  Whew.”  And I find it disturbing and sad.

It’s crazy, because my husband can even feel it after my meetings with this person.  I’m thinking this is a red light blaring in my face since my husband is normally quite oblivious in terms of my relationships with my friends.  But point blank, he told me… “Babe, don’t hang out with these people.  They do you and us no good, because you are irritable and have no energy afterwards.”

The sad thing is, I think I feel for them.  Because I see people ostracizing them.  Alienation sucks.  I don’t want to make people feel that way, but sometimes, I suppose it is for the best.

I tend to invest too much into people too soon.  I get disappointed quickly by others easily.  Yet, I tend to stick it through until it’s time for me to clean house and assess carefully the pros and cons of a relationship.  I think the time has come for me to re-evaluate this friendship.