Ugh… another knockoff.  This book, “Bared to You,” is a jump on the wagon of “Fifty Shades of Grey” book.  The writing is definitely not as well-written or detailed.  Nor does the story feel remotely as novel as “Fifty.”  I started reading it yesterday, because my sister saw it next to “Fifty Shades” at Barnes and Noble.  Sucker.  But I guess I’m the sucker since I bought it for my Nook.  Well, I bought it because it was only $7.99.  Haha.

I hate the word “cunt.”  He refers to her whooha as “cunt.”  Degrading.

But now that I invested my time into the book, I have to finish it.  It’s only 282 pages so I will be done today.  Yes, I’m a voracious reader.

I hear there’s going to be “another” book.  Why?  Just end this.  Def not a good read.  Sex scenes sucked too.

Ugh… hate knockoffs.