I’ve been on the 20 year plan to finishing my Masters in Nursing degree.  Floundering around from this school to that.  But now, I have a plan.  I have a finish line.  It feels grrrrreeeeeat.  I know it’s a lot to handle since things with my business should be picking up by years end and also since we are on the trying bandwagon, but I think I do better during crunch time.  I like having things to do.

I’m still scared about the business.  I sometimes wonder why the hell did we start this… we should just find jobs for someone else.  Then, that statement alone reminds me… “I DON’T WANT TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!”  ahahahahahaha.  I also feel like it will give me the opportunity to be able to give jobs to people especially in this hard hit economy.  But more that all that, I would always rather be the boss even with all the headaches.